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Design, Art, Beauty and curated Vintage by Artist & Poet Paulina Kajankova

To inquire about work email pkajankova@gmail.com pkajankova@gmail.com

Mila Amalia - Behind the meaning

Mila (Honoring my grandmother's name)

Amalia (Industrious, Elf, Supernatural Being, Mythical creature)

Mila Amalia is for the gentle at heart, the survivor, the independent thinker, a unique woman who stands up for her beliefs, and is always asking the big questions in life. Mila Amalia wants to send you out into the world with confidence, hope and full of love for yourself and others. 

Mila Amalia was born out of my love for accessories as well as the calming and creative design process of working with my hands. Art as well as fashion have been my driving force since childhood. As a Slavic-American my work is very much influenced by both cultures. I am inspired by old folklore stories told to me as a child and aim to incorporate them into the creative process. 

I am additionally seeking to produce creations which resonate with religions of the world and pay homage to various cultures. Before my work makes it into your hands, it is cleansed and ready to be worn by you or your loved one.  

All materials and curated items are carefully chosen, always keeping the environment in mind. The spell-binding result is a collection which represents a story. This means you can expect there to be some one of a kind pieces made out of vintage heirlooms. Production is kept small.

Family and cultural history in wired goods has given me the confidence and foundation to keep the tradition going, both in artwork and in the belief of caring for our plant.

Handmade in New York.